TTNET Calls Everyone to Develop Advanced Technology Ideas at NASA Event on April 12-13

TTNET Calls Everyone to Develop Advanced Technology Ideas at NASA Event on April 12-13. The Turkish leg of the American National Space and Aviation Administration's (NASA) “International Space Apps Challenge” event will be held under the main sponsorship of TTNET.

According to the TTNET statement, the Turkey leg of the third "NASA Space Apps Challenge" event, which will be held simultaneously by NASA in 48 countries and 96 cities around the world, will be held at Sabancı University Tuzla Campus on April 12-13 this year under the main sponsorship of TTNET. In the event, which aims to contribute to the advancement in space technology with technology solutions and to bring together people who are interested in making a difference in space using the internet, the participants will be able to collaborate with other participants, whose number will exceed 10 thousand, as well as prepare their projects as a team or individually. The "NASA International Space Apps Challenge" event will last for 48 hours and will start and end at the same time all over the world.

In addition to application development, the participants of the "NASA International Space Apps Challenge" will be able to develop projects and solutions in the fields of robotics, data visualization, hardware and design. Participants will also be able to develop solutions by working on a total of 50 topics under five main headings: "Technology in Space", "Monitoring the State of the World", "Manned Space Flight", "Robotics" and "Asteroids".

It will also be possible to attend the event, which will be held at the Sabancı University Tuzla campus, online. Two projects chosen by the jury of academics, entrepreneurs and scientists, and a project to be chosen by the votes of the public, will be entitled to represent Turkey at the global event. Ideas from Turkey that are also successful in the global event will have the right to participate in a NASA launch under the sponsorship of TTNET.

TTNET General Manager Abdullah Orkun Kaya, whose views are included in the statement, stated that they are happy to sponsor the NASA International Space Apps Challenge Turkey organization. Kaya gave the following information about the event:

“As Turkey's leading internet company, we support entrepreneurship, new ideas and innovation in our country, and we lead our industry with our work in this area. We support external innovation ecosystems to reveal and encourage innovative ideas and innovative solutions. NASA International Space Apps Cahalenge is a global event that supports this mission. With this event, we aim to support innovative ideas, innovation, entrepreneurship and a culture of joint project creation. As TTNET, we will send three successful project owners in the Turkish leg of the event to the NASA launch. I am happy to invite everyone to this event, which is a 48-hour idea, solution and technology development event.”

– “This cooperation with TTNET is very valuable for us”

Mehmet Gölhan, CEO of SpaceApps' Turkey organizer One Car Gidelim (TAG), emphasized that TAG's corporate values ​​are based on the principles of innovation, difference, being a pioneer and producing solutions based on mass participation. Gohan said:

“The thing that motivated us the most when developing our own product was the potential to 'develop an algorithm that has not yet been thought of and turn it into a successful product that can benefit all humanity'. Moreover, the fact that Turkey is the starting point of this transportation platform, which can be used all over the world, was the factor that made us most proud. From this point of view, it seems like the most natural result for TAG to organize an organization in Turkey focused on producing solutions for the future of humanity and space. We think that in this ambitious project of NASA, solutions that will carry the world to the future from Turkey will help to emphasize TAG's belief in mass participation in a concrete way. We invite everyone who has an opinion on the issues that NASA is looking for solutions to join this organization.”

Sabancı University Rector Prof. Dr. Nihat Berker also stated that they have expanded their international cooperation with TTNET, with which they have made a strategic partnership in the field of entrepreneurship, with a new project.

Expressing that they are happy to organize the NASA International Space Apps Challenge event at their universities with the support of TTNET, Berker said, “We are one of the universities that contribute the most to the development of entrepreneurship in Turkey. With the Social Investment Program we started this year, we also contribute to supporting entrepreneurs who produce solutions to social problems. In this sense, this cooperation with TTNET is very valuable for us. We believe that this project will be a model for the emergence of ideas that will produce solutions to social problems by using technology and for raising digital social entrepreneurs. As a university that educates young people who produce technology, we support young people who turn technology into social benefit with the cooperation of TTNET and NASA, this is very exciting for us.

According to the information given, in order to participate in the event, “https://2014.spaceappschallenge.orgAfter the registration process is completed on the page at ”, teams will be able to work together. In case of joint work, it will be sufficient to select the location for the physical presentation of the project. NASA will make a live connection on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 18.30 to share the details of the event.

– About the NASA Space Apps Challenge

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge was first held in 2012 and nearly 25 people from 2.000 cities around the world attended the event. Participants aged 16-70 were able to develop more than 71 solution proposals within 48 hours under 100 topics determined by NASA. In 2013, when the event was held for the second time, more than 44 participants in 83 cities from 9 countries developed 48 solution proposals within 770 hours.



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