Turkey's First Biotechnological Medicine Will Be Produced in 2017.

Turkey's First Biotechnological Medicine Will Be Produced in 2017. İlkogen, a partnership of İlko İlaç and South Korean biotechnology company Genexine, will invest 32.4 million dollars and will produce the drug to be used in the continuation treatment of cancer patients in 2017.

Ilko Pharmaceuticals, operating under Selcuklu Holding, and a 50 percent partnership between South Korean biotechnology company Genexine, is Turkey's first biotechnological drug research-development, production and international marketing investment. While the first stage investment of İlkogen is expected to be 32.4 million dollars, it has been announced that the first drug to be used in the continuation treatment of cancer patients will be produced in 2017.

Biotechnology is an opportunity

Stating that the drug is a strategic product and that Turkey needs national pharmaceutical companies, İsmail Öncel, Chairman of the Board of Selcuklu Holding, which includes İlko İlaç; While describing the motivation behind his work with South Korean Genexine; “When we say domestic pharmaceutical industry, we mean generic drugs. The world has come to a deadlock in drugs based on chemical molecules. The rising trend is now biotechnology. This area can be an opportunity for Turkey as well, because it is new in the world.” He stated that they are heading towards this field.

5 new products are coming

Reminding that they made the largest pharmaceutical investment in Anatolia with a size of over 120 million TL and completed their facilities in 2012, İlko İlaç General Manager Hatice Öncel said that the seeds of this partnership were planted at the Biotech 2013 – International Biotechnology Conference held in Chicago, USA last year. recorded. Önl stated that at the moment, İlko has 12 drugs, they are preparing to launch 5 new products to the market, and they have started working to be active not only in the domestic market but also in the foreign market. He said that they have started licensing procedures in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Libya and Yemen, and that they will export their first pharmaceuticals to Azerbaijan and Georgia this month. He noted that the licensing process of their application to the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products Regulatory Board of the British Ministry of Health will be completed in the second half of the year in order to be able to take part in the European pharmaceutical market.

Reminding the R&D companies named “Ilko Argem” in Hacettepe University Technopolis, Hatice Öncel said, “We are establishing a biotechnology laboratory here. Here is Genexin's founder, Dr. Along with Young Chul Sung's discovery of the 'platform', new biotechnological drugs will also be developed.”

A very important step for the future The Önl Family, which sold their Biofarma company to investment funds in 2007, took an important step for Turkey's future by heading towards a new field with high added value and where they will have a say in the world. The fact that South Korea has chosen Biotechnology as one of its priority sectors for the next 10 years should give an important clue in this regard. Molecules compatible with the human body produced by biotechnology are called biotechnological products and are described as the future of the global pharmaceutical industry.



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