Is Science Close to Creating a Perfect Race?

Is Science Close to Creating a Perfect Race? Ethical concepts restrain the scientific world that has reached this point. The purpose in science; is not to create a single type of person or perfect person, but to create a healthier generation.
dr. Gulay Ozgon
Medical Geneticist

Gene mapping has become possible with current knowledge and technology. With gene mapping, also called the Genome Project, there has been a chance to cover genetic screening for healthier generations, but many ethical problems have also come to the fore. Because no human has a perfect genome. He is an individual with more than a person's shortcomings. If the genome project is realized, we can go towards creating a single type of human being. With newly developing technologies, maybe five years later, we will have the chance to scan the whole genome and evaluate its data. In fact, steps are being taken towards this, and science can create the perfect human if it wants to. Science can create people who act the way they want and think the way they want. This takes us to a colorless world.

What is Genetic Counseling?

It is called 'genetic counseling' to inform individuals who have a genetic disease or who are carriers in their genetic test about their diseases and the risks they carry. Since the functions of all genes are known, even if the gene map is made, undesirable pictures may occur because it is not known which change will work or lead to what.
Even if genetic tests are intended to be used only for diseases, they will inevitably be used by everyone. Along with this, a perfect race will also be tried to be created. Our hope is to comply with ethical rules together with new technologies in genetics.

When should genetic testing be done?

Genetic testing should be done when necessary, interpreted correctly, and transferred to the patient correctly. We know that there will be no benefit from genetic testing with the desire to do only genetic testing. Genetic testing should be done especially in cases where there is a family history - if there is any disease in the family - when a solution is sought because any specific feature makes life difficult. He should not have genetic testing to say how I can live healthier. The request and interpretation of genetic tests should be done by a doctor, not every genetic test should be applied to everyone. Because test results can sometimes create unnecessary stress for the person.

No human has the perfect gene…

Broader coverage for healthier generations could be genetic screening coverage. In many centers in Europe, when people of marriageable age go to an obstetrician, carrier tests are performed against common genetic diseases in their country. This may cause many ethical problems to come to the fore. Because no human being has a perfect gene map. All humans are born as individuals with missing or extra gene maps. In line with these test results, existing changes can be completely restricted and a uniform human being can be created.

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