Attention To These Products! Ministry of Health recalls 718 products

Attention To These Products! Ministry of Health is recalling 718 products. Counterfeit and imitation perfumes, shampoos and depilatory creams, blood pressure regulating wristbands, hepatitis B test and surgical threads from medical devices draw attention.

In the first three months of this year, the Ministry of Health decided to recall a large number of counterfeit and inappropriate products during cosmetic and medical device inspections. Ministry of Health Turkey Medicines and Medical Devices Agency Inspection Services Vice Presidency, Medical Devices Department and Cosmetic Inspection Department, during the cosmetic and medical device inspections carried out in the first quarter of this year, it was decided to recall many products in the market.

In cosmetics; 64 products were found to be against the technical regulations, and 654 were found to be unsafe.

During the controls between January and March by the Cosmetic Inspection Department, 732 products were inspected, 64 of which were found to be against technical regulations and 654 were found to be unsafe.

A fine of 200 thousand 701 liras was issued.

A total of 100 thousand 701 liras were fined, 100 thousand 200 liras on the grounds of violation of technical regulations and 701 thousand liras on the grounds of insecurity. Some perfumes, hair shampoos and depilatory creams were collected and destroyed by court decision because they were fake and counterfeit.

Doğuş Kimya's Samde liquid hand soap found unsafe

Doğuş Kimya Cleaning Products Manufacturing and Marketing's 302012 kilogram Samde liquid hand soap with serial number "DKS02.2013", manufactured and expired on 02.2015/5, was also found unsafe.

Medical device inspections As a result of the market surveillance and inspection carried out in the same period by the Medical Devices Department, products that are found to be unsafe and contrary to technical regulations were also announced.

Three New Zealand and Turkey, two Dutch and Chinese medical devices were ordered to be confiscated.

The products, serial numbers, origin and reasons for non-compliance are as follows:

-Neozoline brand Bevel Coil Vent Tube Fluoroplastic 3141 Mm with Reference Number NZ1,14 (Lot No: 2009-1703, SKT: 2014-05)-New Zealand-Uncertified product

-ADEPT brand Silicone Nasal Splint With Airway-Lot No: 2011-2048, SKT: 2017-03, Reference No: NZ3235-New Zealand-Uncertified product

-Neozoline brand 4254 Gauge (14 Mm) Suction Tube with Reference Number NZ2-Lot No: 2011-2315, SKT: 2016-03-New Zealand-Uncertified product

-Equitamp brand hemorrhage stopper-Lot no: 1111B 5×7,5 and F71202B 5×10-Netherlands-Analysis result

-Neoxone brand Polydioxanone 4 Metric, 150 Cm, 40 mm surgical thread with ½ circle circular needle-Lot no: 20120313-Turkey-Analysis result

-Broche brand drop adjustment set-Lot no:110825-China-Analysis result

-Disspotalk Pleural talcum powder (sterile powder)-All-Turkey-Raw material incompatibility

-Toyo brand Anti-HBs cassette test (Hepatitis B test) -Lot No.HB011201-Turkey-Low sensitivity, not suitable for use in screening

-Jintong blood pressure regulator bracelet-All-China

“Do not buy under the stairs”

Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency Inspection Services Vice President Talip Uzun told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the audits of the institution, whose inspector staff is getting stronger, will continue to increase in a preventive and protective way for public health.

Stating that human health comes before all kinds of interests, Uzun stated to the citizens that they should not buy cosmetic products from places called under the stairs, especially they should pay attention to the packaging information of the products, whether the storage conditions are followed and the expiration date.



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