Turkey Reaches New Cancer Base

Turkey Reaches New Cancer Base. Turkey is getting a new international center that will enable advanced research of herbs to be used in the treatment of many diseases.

Cancer and genome research can be done at the center, which will also be open to researchers from abroad. The construction cost of the research center, which was established on an area of ​​3 thousand 300 square meters within the body of Çankırı Karatekin University, is approximately 4 million liras.
According to the news of Erdinç Çelikkan from Hürriyet, Rector Prof. Dr. Ali İbrahim Savaş said, “The endemic plant for Turkey is one of our most important potentials and the studies in this area are not at the desired level. This center will provide the opportunity to conduct advanced research on plant species that can be used in treatment. In the center, chemistry and biology departments and food and chemical engineering will work in 28 laboratories. The center, which is planned to open in September, will be called "Namik Witness Cancer Research Center".



Source: Radikal

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