Turkey's BIOENERGY is moving to REW Istanbul!

Turkey's BIOENERGY is moving to REW Istanbul! Bioenergy, which is overshadowed by natural gas, most of which is imported from abroad, nuclear power plants planned to be built, and controversial HEPPs, will be discussed at REW Istanbul.

Bioenergy, which is produced from biological waste materials such as animal, forest and agricultural waste, has a huge investment potential for Turkey. Today, while the number of biogas facilities in Germany is approaching 9 thousand, 15 MW of electrical energy is produced by using city garbage in 175 facilities in Turkey where biological wastes are converted into energy. By using the 5.5 million tons of agricultural waste generated in our country every year in bioenergy facilities, it is possible to obtain energy with a power of approximately 2 thousand MW.

Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management International Fair REW Istanbul, which aims to be a platform where steps are taken towards the future of Turkey, beyond being a commercial organization where innovations in its field are exhibited since 2005, when it was first organized by IFO Fair Organization, this year Bioenergy Association will host the presentations of

Bioenergy Association will make a series of presentations at the 12th REW Istanbul Fair, held in Tüyap on 14-10 June.

Stating that the purpose of their association is to support individuals and organizations working on energy produced from biomass-based materials in Turkey in various fields, Bioenergy Association Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Tanay Sıtkı Uyar, in the presentations they will make within the scope of REW Istanbul Fair, in addition to examples such as the biogas facility implemented by Arbiogaz A. He stated that his presentations on biogas will take place. In addition to these, many topics such as what biogas is, biogas production from plant, animal and domestic wastes, how energy is produced from forestry and agricultural wastes, and the potential in this field in Turkey will be brought to the agenda.

Association secretary Dr. Mustafa Tolay, on the other hand, stated that “according to the European Union Environmental Legislation, the burning of agricultural wastes is prohibited, however, a large part of 5.5 million tons of agricultural waste in our country is incinerated. Tolay added that “when millions of tons of animal waste that cannot be used effectively are added to this figure, the bioenergy potential of Turkey becomes clearer”.

Tarsus Group subsidiary Istanbul Fuar Hizmetleri A.Ş. Those who want to get detailed information about REW Istanbul 12, which will be held by İFO on 13-14-2014 June, is the official website of the fair. http://www.rewistanbul.com They can visit the address.


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