Industry Oriented Course Study from Uludag University Chemistry Department.

Industry Oriented Course Study from Uludag University Chemistry Department. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tavaslı gave within the scope of Organic Dyestuffs course; variety” assignment enabled the students to meet with the industry.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa TAVASLI, who asks them to get help from industrial organizations for homework and teaches practical lessons in every lesson he gives, told students;

"I want you to be intertwined with the industry, you need to learn this information in practice and practice rather than theory, you can be fired from where you go, but these are always the experience and knowledge for you, never give up, you will have to cope with these difficulties when you graduate," he explained what the students should do. .

Within the scope of the research, the learners visited many factories, but most of them did not receive a positive response from the factory and returned. In the end, some factories did not break their wishes and met with the students and gave information about the production processes and gave them a tour of their factories.

Melek UZUN, Büşra AYIK, Enez DEMİR, Duygu AKGÜN, students who compiled the latest studies, informed their friends with the presentations they made in the past days.

The contents of the studies carried out are briefly as follows;
General information about cotton dyeing and application areas
Dyeing of viscose with reactive dyes
Dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes.

At the end of the lesson, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tavaslı thanked his students one by one, congratulated them and announced their grades.



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