Creating a National Air Pollution Map

Creating a National Air Pollution Map. The “National Air Pollution Emission Management System” to be put into practice by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and TUBITAK aims to improve the air quality of Turkey. will enable its implementation. Among the coordinators of the project are Proline Bilişim, Istanbul Technical University and Bahçeşehir University.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and TUBITAK are establishing the "National Air Pollution Emission Management System" for the protection and improvement of Turkey's air quality. In accordance with the International Convention on Long-Distance Cross-Border Air Pollution, of which Turkey is also a party, the country's emission inventory needs to be prepared. With the system to be established, the emission factors of CO, SO2, NOX, VOC and PM that cause air pollution will be determined. The obtained data will be analyzed by processing with geographic information systems software. Afterwards, an emission inventory will be prepared in accordance with European Union standards for the Marmara Region, which has been selected as the pilot region of the project. With the resulting emission inventory, air quality improvement scenarios will be implemented much more effectively. Istanbul Technical University, Bahçeşehir University and Turkish technology company Proline Bilişim are among the executives of the project.


A detailed analysis of air pollutant parameters is of great importance in Turkey, which wants to achieve cleaner air with developing technologies, alternative fuels and environmentally friendly regulations. The data collected in the project to be carried out will be analyzed with KTP, a geographic information systems analysis platform developed by Turkish technology company Proline Bilişim. KTP; In the light of current and historical information, it analyzes the geographical structure and air pollution level of the determined region and enables it to predict how suitable the investments to be made in the said region will be. The KTP solution, named by Proline Bilişim inspired by Kâtip Çelebi, a scholar who worked on history, geography and bibliography of the 17th century Ottoman Empire, is an easy-to-use solution that offers the user the steps of viewing, editing, analyzing and sharing geographical information from a single point. stands out as a web portal.

Proline Bilişim Chief Executive Officer Mehmet Doğanyiğit says the following regarding the “National Air Pollution Emission Management System”: “As Proline Bilişim, we are very happy to be able to contribute with our expertise to this project, which will help our country's most valuable source of life, our air, to become cleaner and of higher quality. we hear. With this system, which will enable both us and future generations to lead a healthier life, we will be able to detect harmful emissions polluting our atmosphere and implement air quality improvement scenarios with the emission inventory to be created.”



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