Turkey's Hottest Agendas Environment, Occupational Safety and Bioenergy Will Be Discussed at REW Istanbul!

Turkey's Hottest Agendas Environment, Occupational Safety and Bioenergy Will Be Discussed at REW Istanbul! The fair, where technological innovations will be exhibited, will host a series of conferences where the hottest agendas of Turkey in the recent period, occupational safety, bioenergy and environment will be discussed.

REW Istanbul, organized by İFO Fuarcılık on 12-14 June with the contributions of the TR Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, hosts the newest products, technologies and applications of 2014 in the fields of “Solid Waste, Waste Water, Waste Gas and Green Energy”, while keeping the agenda of Turkey on the top of the agenda. He also carries his main topics to conference programs. On the first day of the fair, "Waste Management Panel" will be held by the Ministry, and on the second day, the Evaluable Waste Materials Industrialists' Association TÜDAM will organize a "Packaging" workshop. The Occupational Safety Experts Association, ISGDER, will discuss the topics of "Safety Culture", "Major Industrial Accidents and Prevention Ways", "Risk Assessment Methods", "Occupational Safety Practices in Construction and Tourism Sector", "Life Safety Theory" in the sessions spanning all three days of the fair. .

Turkey's BIOENERGY is moving to REW Istanbul!

As part of REW Istanbul's conference and event programs, on Friday, June 13, the Bioenergy Association will make a series of presentations in the field of “bioenergy”, which is an important alternative energy source for the Turkish Industry. In the sessions; Many topics will be discussed, from what biogas is, biogas production from plant, animal and domestic wastes, how energy is produced from forestry and agricultural wastes, and the potential in this field in Turkey.

In the 2nd day sessions, SİTA Environment company will also share their approaches on “Existing Solid Waste Management and Integrated Waste Management in Turkey”. Esin Tümley Toy, Corporate Communications and Marketing Coordinator of IFO Fairs; He stated that the conference program, which directly coincides with the agenda of the sector, will increase the interest of senior executives to the fair and increase the number of decision-making professional visitors.
Tarsus Group subsidiary Istanbul Fuar Hizmetleri A.Ş. Those who want to get detailed information about the Conference and Event Program of REW Istanbul 12, which will be held by İFO on 13-14-2014 June, can be found on the official website of the fair. http://www.rewistanbul.com They can visit the address.

You can access the Conference Calendar from the link below.

Environmental Technologies Fair

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