Announcement of Pedagogical Formation for Senior Undergraduates from Sakarya University

Description of Pedagogical Formation for Undergraduate Seniors from Sakarya University . Due to the intense questions and uncertainty regarding the Pedagogical Formation (PF), the following explanation is required:

As it is known, while YÖK was placing students to PF with the central system (ÖSYM) for graduates, it wanted the last years who could graduate from universities to take pre-registration (it also wanted to be taken from the intermediate classes, but with the decision taken later by YÖK, only the last years were included in this scope.) . In this context, around 2300 senior students, mainly from the Faculty of Theology and Arts and Sciences, pre-registered in mid-May 2014 (The number of students pre-registered in barber classes was around 8000). However, it should be noted that 1800 of these students have an academic average of 2.00 and above and they will be in a position to graduate.

The quota of 700 people given to our university by ÖSYM for graduate students has been announced recently and the final registration of 560 people will be made on 23-27 June 2014. With the statement made by YÖK on 19 June 2014, it was observed that the previous way in the PF practice has changed and new decisions will be taken. For example, while it has given the right to apply to PF in the provinces where they reside, for senior students who may graduate, including AÖF graduates, it has asked a university to allocate 25% of the quota allocated to its own senior graduate students for other university students.

Both our Rectorate and our Faculty; Students contacted by phone, e-mail and social media ask questions such as when the PF will be announced, how much quota will be, when the training will be, and show examples of practices from other universities, some of which are not based on reality.

In the face of the rightful demand from our students, with the decision of our University Executive Board (ÜYK) to YÖK, it was requested that all our pre-registered senior students be given PF, but YÖK took into account similar requests from other universities; Granting PF to all graduates of universities with fewer graduates gave the impression that universities with a high number of graduates would also have a quota. Therefore, no official response has been given to the request of our University yet. For this reason, when our university is compared with the universities that only give PF to the graduates of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and/or the number of graduates is low, "Why do not those universities give PF to all their graduates?" The answer to the question is outside of us.

YÖK, which gives the task of providing PF education to the Faculties of Education; Since our Faculty of Education, which has around 100 lecturers, knows that there are around 5000 undergraduate students, around 1000 graduate students, and that these lecturers should also (and primarily) perform the services there, it is considering quoting PF. This idea is valid for all universities with a large number of students. Because, as mentioned above, it demands that at least 25% of the quota it has been allocated to other universities.

Despite all this, we should remind you of the saying that "abuse is not an example", that some universities start enrollment by determining a quota for their senior students, and our students show them as an example, without a definite and official statement from YÖK.

In short, we have the pre-registration application lists, and after the official and final announcement from YÖK, the lists will be published and the registrations will be taken immediately. As mentioned before, we would like to point out that since the first semester of our courses will be done by distance education, there will be no need for worries such as "it's late, he won't be able to catch up...".

We would like to thank our students for their understanding and would like to state that any developments will be shared here.


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