İKMİB Reveals the Roadmap for Chemical Exports Between 2017-2023

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İKMİB Draws the Roadmap for Chemical Exports Between 2017-2023. Leading the export targets of the chemical industry, Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters' Association (İKMİB) has carried out an important study in cooperation with AT Kearney to determine the route of exports for the years 2017-2023.

The chemical industry, which will close the year with an export of approximately 15 billion dollars, set its export target as 2017 billion dollars in 15,5. On the other hand, in order for the sector to reach its 2023 target of 50 billion dollars in exports, exports must increase by 20 percent every year. Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters' Association (İKMİB) announced its 10-step strategy that will accelerate the chemical exports in line with the outputs of this report. Updating the Customs Union agreement with the EU in favor of Turkey, ensuring the supply of raw materials with new formulas, investment in specific special chemicals, sectoral clustering, and scale synergy in R&D are some of these steps.

The chemical industry, which has a critical importance for the Turkish economy in many fields from plastic to cosmetics, rubber to paint industry, takes the pulse of the Turkish industry as it provides raw materials and intermediate goods to almost all sectors. The chemical industry, which increases its contribution to the country's economy every year with its production, exports and employment, is among the strategic sectors with its high potential to create added value.

İKMİB “Turkish Chemicals Industry Export Growth Strategy Report”, which sheds light on the situation of the chemical industry in Turkey and reveals the risks and opportunities, has drawn the road map of the industry until 2023.

Under current conditions, chemistry, which is below the 2023 export target, needs to achieve an export increase of 20 percent annually. Explaining the strategies that chemical exports should follow in line with the outputs of the report prepared in cooperation with the international consultancy company AT Kearney. IKMIB Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Akyüz emphasized that new formulas are needed to secure the raw material supply, which is realized with high imports, and that investment in specific products is a must.

Underlining that the Customs Union Agreement with the EU, which works against Turkey, should be reconsidered and Turkey should be a party in bilateral agreements, Murat Akyüz said:Chemical IndustryThe report, which analyzes the current situation in Turkey, presents the current picture objectively. When we evaluate the outputs of the report, we see that a strategy consisting of 10 steps must be implemented in order to reach the export figures we target for the chemical industry. The Customs Union Agreement with the EU must be updated as soon as possible and Turkey must be a party to bilateral FTA agreements that work against our exporters. Another important output is that chemistry reconsiders its existing production models and turns to the production of specific special chemicals with high added value. High energy costs, which reduce the competitiveness of our exporters, should also be reduced. unsolved problems of the chemical industry sectoral clustering The need arises once again.

In addition, the chemical industry's dependence on foreign raw materials is increasing. petrochemistrySince it does not seem possible to realize new investments in the near future, we need new formulas to secure the supply of raw materials. One of these formulas is to ensure the input security of chemistry, whose foreign trade deficit has reached $40 billion, through acquisitions or partnerships abroad. R&DCreating synergies of scale in Turkey, increasing added value, developing customer-specific products and commercializing innovation in export markets stand out as other strategies we should follow for the coming years.”

Turkish Chemicals Industry Roadmap
2017 – 2023

1- Revision of the Customs Union agreement with the EU (Let Turkey be a party in bilateral agreements)
2-Focusing on specific products with high added value
3-Reducing energy costs from the biggest burdens on the industrialist
4- Establishment of sectoral clusters for competitiveness
5- Ensuring security and competitiveness at the input
6-Improving the technological competence development ecosystem
7-Creating scale synergy in R&D
8-Increasing added value and improving services
9-Developing customer-oriented business models
10- Maximizing the commercialization of innovations in export markets

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