Workshops of İKMİB's “Population Fight of the Chemical Industry Project” Started

Workshops of İKMİB's “Population Fight of the Chemical Industry Project” Started. Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association (İKMİB) is implementing an important project in the field of social responsibility with the 'Population Fight of the Chemical Industry Project', which aims to reach socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals. The project, which includes individuals living in regions such as Gaziosmanpaşa, Esenler, Esenyurt, Bağcılar, Sultanbeyli and Sultangazi, where economic inequality is felt intensely, will also be a solution to the qualified personnel problem of the chemical industry.

After the HR Analysis, the first workshops started in the project, which will last for a year and will touch 25 people, of which at least 100 are women.

İKMİB, which has carried out important works for the development of the chemical industry and increasing its exports, brings a solution to the qualified personnel problem of the sector by making 100 socio-economically disadvantaged people a profession with the Chemical Industry's Fight Against Poverty Project. It is aimed to expand the scope of the project, which puts its finger on a social wound, and to continue it in the coming years.

Implemented within the scope of the "Social Integration of Disadvantaged Groups and Improving Employability Grant Program" carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Department of European Union and Financial Aids.The Project of Combating Poverty of the Chemical IndustryAccording to the results of the HR Needs Analysis, 100 people who will be brought to the sector will be given vocational training and certificates will be provided. In addition, with the matching system to be created by creating a Human Resources Portal, their entry into the labor market will be facilitated. Workshops were started in the Project, which gained momentum after the HR Analysis. The first workshop was held under the title of “Chemistry Industry HR Overview”.

"Chemical Industry HR Overview WorkshopWithin the scope of ”, Istanbul Governorship officials, project district municipalities' poverty and social service experts, public education center managers, social assistance and solidarity foundations employees, poverty and social aid association officials, technical and vocational high school teachers, sectoral association representatives and company owners came together. They came and signed a productive workshop.

Among the outputs of the workshop, the most striking results were that the trainees, especially from rural areas, had problems in attending and attending the courses. It was also among the workshop outputs that especially women did not attend the trainings opened within the scope of certain sectors due to social prejudices.

It has been revealed that the problems of the sector are especially the adaptation of technical staff to the job, the inadequacy of the number of technical vocational high schools, the support of technical high schools with sectoral associations and the scarcity of the certified workforce. In addition, the importance of occupational safety and occupational health and vocational training was emphasized in the workshop, and the necessity for the private sector to play a more active role in the field of vocational training was underlined.

Chemical IndustryFight Against Poverty Project will continue with the workshop on “Social Discrimination and Prejudice” to be held at Titanic Business Bayrampaşa Hotel on May 17, 2017. All companies operating in the chemical industry are invited to the workshop.

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