Who is Müşfik Kenter?

Müşfik Kenter (b. September 9, 1932, Istanbul - d. August 15, 2012, Istanbul) Turkish theater actor. He is the brother of Yıldız Kenter. He is one of the founders of Kent Oyunları with his sister.

He was born in Istanbul in 1932 as the son of diplomat Ahmet Naci Kenter and Olga Cynthia. In 1947, he started acting in the children's department of the Ankara State Theater. He studied at the theater department of Ankara State Conservatory, graduated from the school with a "high degree" in 1955 and entered the State Theater.

Müşfik Kenter left the State Theater in 1959. He went to Istanbul with Yıldız Kenter and worked with Muhsin Ertuğrul. He met with Şükran Güngör and Kamran Yüce during this period.

They founded Site Theater between 1960-1961. They changed their name to Kent Actors in 1962. The two brothers and Şükran Güngör completed the construction of the Kenter Theater building in Istanbul in 1968. In order to build the theater, they had to put in all their money, tour Anatolia on a big tour, and raise support with a seat selling campaign.

Kenter, who has been doing theater research and making studies in the United States and the United Kingdom by receiving a scholarship from the British Cultural Committee and the Rockefeller Foundation, has appeared on the stage in many countries such as England, United States of America, France, Germany, Yugoslavia, Cyprus.

The play Bir Garip Orhan Veli, arranged by Murathan Mungan's poems of Orhan Veli, has been on display for more than 25 years. This game is one of the longest pieces exhibited in Turkey with the same player.

After retiring from the Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory, he was the director of the theater department at the Haliç University Conservatory and the general art director of the Bakırköy Municipality City Theater.

Müşfik Kenter also acted in cinema as well as in theater. He won the “Best Supporting Actor” award at the 1966 Antalya Film Festival with the movie “Bozuk Düzen”. He has performed voiceover in local and foreign TV movies, documentaries and commercials. She married Esin Şerbetçi, Mehlika Kenter and Gülsüm Kamu. He made his last marriage to Kadriye Kenter. He has four children named Mahmut and Elvan from his first marriage, Melisa from his second marriage and Balam from his last marriage.

Kenter passed away on 15 August 2012 in the hospital where he was treated for lung cancer. Kenter's body was buried in Kilyos Family Cemetery on 17 August 2012.


  • 1966 - 3rd Antalya Film Festival - Best Actor - Broken Order
  • 1993 - Outstanding Interpretation Award - Konken Party
  • 1997 - 1nd Afife Theater Awards - Muhsin Ertuğrul Special Award
  • 2002 - 6th Afife Theater Awards - Best Supporting Actor
  • 2005 - 8th International Puppet Festival Honor Award

Some theater plays 

  • Free Man
  • Nasrettin Hodja Birgün
  • Conclusion
  • National Forces
  • Grumpy Old Man
  • Tell Scheherazade (One Thousand and One Nights)
  • Seagull
  • Helen Helen
  • Please marry my daughter
  • Ivanov
  • Wit
  • Ramiz and Jülide
  • Give Your Hand Brodvey
  • Konken Party
  • Invisible Friends
  • Van Gogh
  • Who with whom?
  • Roots
  • Heroes and Clowns
  • Desire Tram
  • Uncle Vanya
  • Desert Rat
  • Before Defrosting
  • Lesson
  • A Strange Animal Called Human
  • Between Footprints
  • they Sanaly
  • Insiders
  • Two People on a Swing
  • Bedel
  • Three Sisters
  • A Garip Orhan Veli
  • The Threepenny Opera
  • Doorman
  • Tomorrow is Saturday
  • Anger
  • Nalinlar
  • Mary-Mary
  • Antigone
  • Mikado's Garbage
  • Cyrano de bergerac
  • Hamlet
  • Twelve Nights
  • Crazy Ibrahim
  • Bald Boy: Ziya Demirel - Ankara State Theater - 1949

Motion pictures 

  • She-Wolf (1960)
  • Silent Warfare (1961)
  • The Female Spider (1964)
  • Murtaza (1965)
  • Sacrifices of the Devil (1965)
  • Time to Love (1965)
  • Broken Order (1966)
  • That Woman (1966)
  • Three Friends (1971)
  • I Bury You in My Heart (1982)
  • My Dreams, My Love and You (1987)
  • Nickname Goncagül (1987)
  • Piano Piano Legless (1990) (with his voice)
  • Liberation (1991)
  • Lebewohl, Fremde (1991)
  • Moon Time (1994)
  • Short Corrosion in Narrow Area (2000)
  • Americans in the Black Sea 2 (2006)

Television series he played 

  • Mevlana Love Dance (2008)
  • Silent Ships (2007)
  • Opening the Doors (2005)
  • Emerald (2004)
  • My Father Out of the Hat (2003)
  • Jasmine (2000)
  • Life Is Sometimes Sweet (1996)
  • Liberation (1994)
  • Farewell Stranger (1993)
  • Past Spring Mimoses (1989)
  • Days of Fire (1988)
  • The Other Side of the Night (1987)
  • Memoirs of a Criminal Lawyer: Retired President (1979)
  • Desert Rat (1977)


  • Sweet Heroes voiced the cat Tırmık in the episode "Bicır and Gıcır" in the classic cartoon series Sweet Heroes on TRT television in the 1970s.
  • ALF voiced the character of the adorable space creature "Alf" in the television series in the 1980s and 90s.
  • Piano Piano No Legs. Directed by Tunç Başaran, the film was voiced by the voice of Emin Sivas, the little hero of the film.
  • He voiced the history of Galatasaray on the 2288 Jersey and Collection launches site of Galatasaray Football Club.
  • He voiced Norbert in the animated series Angry Beavers.
  • Poems of Orhan Veli
  • Astériks and Obelix: Our Mission Cleopatra voiced the character Buyufiks in the movie.
  • The Old Man in The Old Man and the Sea.
  • Grand Master Oogway in Kung Fu Panda Animation-2008
  • Preston B. Whitmore in Atlantis: The Lost Empire Animation-2001

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