World Coronavirus According to Google 2020 Search Results, We Searched EBA

Google's search results in Turkey and announced the eagerly awaited in the world. According to Internet users cited the trend of the 2020 Trends report, most EBA in Turkey searched the coronavirus in the world.

Google search trends for Turkey and the world's 2020 report, shows the highest number of searches words. Accordingly, coronovirus became the most searched word in the world in 2020. The top three countries most seeking coronavirus in the world were listed as Italy, Spain and Qatar.

most EBA in Turkey searched dollars and coronaviruses

According to Google search results, in 2020 the three words most wanted in Turkey, "EBA", "How many dollars per" and "coronavirus" was realized. The word "Earthquake" was right after this ranking. Worldwide, the most searched word was "coronavirus".

New paradigm: Exist or disappear in the digital

Pointing out that general market trends can be made meaningful with the analysis of Google search trends, EG Information Technologies CEO Gökhan Bülbül said, “Digital marketing provides the opportunity to see real-time and results clearly. The return on investment in digital marketing is very fast compared to offline marketing. Moreover, in digital marketing, it can be instantly seen and measured which actions affect the sales and how much. During the pandemic, businesses' budgets for digital marketing increased. We support companies that want to reach consumers quickly and with less cost by opening all the doors of digital. " gave the information.

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