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The first presentation regarding the Transport and Communication Council, which will be held for the 2021th time in September 12 by our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, was made today by our Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu in Istanbul. Karaismailoğlu made statements to the press.

Progressive, innovative and planned transport and having the infrastructure traditions of Turkey's 18-year civil many on a world scale in terms of project our Minister emphasized that launched Karaismailoğlu our Turksat 5A communications satellite was reminiscent be sent into space towards the end of this month.

"We will design the transportation and communication map of the next years"

Our Minister Karaismailoğlu, stating that it is necessary to bring a planned and rational approach to the changing needs in freight, human and data transportation and the new game established around the world, continued as follows:

“From today on, we are accelerating the preparations for the Transport and Communication Council, where we will design the transportation and communication map of the next years, determine the uncovered needs, and guide the transportation and infrastructure policies of our country. The Council will be instrumental in bringing together the high-level representatives of the public, private sector, non-governmental organizations, universities and organizations leading the sector from abroad, in short, all the stakeholders of the sector and taking the right steps. Our Council will last for 6 days on 7-8-2021 October 3 at the Atatürk Airport International Terminal. Sector Working Groups will be established under the titles of Railway, Communication, Seaway, Airway and Road. "

"At the end of Shura 'Turkey's Transportation Policy Document' will emerge"

“The main goals of the Council are; To contribute to the identification of strategic targets in Turkey's transport and communications sector. To contribute to the development of the sector simultaneously with the world. To make suggestions about the issues awaiting solution. Setting new standards of global supply chains after Covid-19. Strengthening our cooperation with national and international stakeholders. This topic under sector working group will give the final version of the report 'Turkey's Transportation Policy Document' will emerge. "

 "Turkey will be among the ten countries that produce communications satellite"

Reminding that our Turksat 5A communication satellite will be sent to space towards the end of this month, our Minister Karaismailoğlu; He emphasized that with the commissioning of Türksat 5A, Türksat 5B and Türksat 6A, we will be much stronger in space with our 6 communication satellites. Karaismailoğlu said, “We started the satellite level tests of Türksat 5B. We will launch 5A in the second quarter of 2021. Turkey produces communications satellite that will allow the country to be among them. Production and integration of Türksat 6A continues at TUSAŞ Space Systems Integration and Test Center with the participation of our TURKSAT engineers. "We will send 6A to space in 2022," he said.

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