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Why Boğaziçi Physics?

best education
Different options
Quality teaching staff
Bosphorus culture and social life
How good is the education of Boğaziçi Physics?
The department has strong educational traditions stemming from its roots in Robert College in the 60s, and the meticulousness of the teachers in conveying the level of education they have seen to their students. Comparisons from catalogs or the internet will reveal that the Boğaziçi program is not lacking in the curricula of the strongest US universities. The fact that several hundred of our graduates have been successful in the doctoral programs of such universities in the last forty years is the most concrete proof of this claim.

Are there interior options?

Students can choose from Basic Physics, Astrophysics, Computed Physics, Electronic Physics, Medical Physics options. The last three options make it possible to turn to options other than academic life. Beyond that, with groups of electives, students can further their special interests.

How is the teaching staff?

Sixteen of the Bosphorus Physics faculty members have doctorate degrees from the USA, one from England, one from Italy, and two from Boğaziçi University.
It is one of the distinguished universities, one of which is METU.
Can we participate in exchange programs with abroad?
It is possible to exchange students with EU countries through ERASMUS/SOCRATES and EMSPS (European Physics Students Free Movement Program).

Are there double major programs?

Within the flexibility of Boğaziçi University, the Physics Department also offers Double Major Programs (DMP) with other departments. Students from many departments, such as Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Biology, took a relatively limited number of courses in Physics and graduated with a Physics diploma in addition to their own department diplomas. It is possible for physics students to obtain additional diplomas from other departments.

Will I find a job?

Some of our graduates continue their physics education at the master's / doctorate level. Today, there are many Bosphorus Physics graduates in many distinguished universities and research institutions abroad and in Turkey.
However, there have been academic careers in different subjects such as biophysics, biomedicine, health physics, computer engineering, aerospace engineering, economics, and educational technology.

In addition, since the analytical thinking skills developed by physics education are required in many different business areas, physics graduates can be seen in different fields -according to their personal tendencies and abilities.
Especially if this training is taken from the Bosphorus, the opportunities increase even more. Banking, industry, commerce, private tutoring, teaching, web design, consultancy are non-academic fields that our graduates have been focusing on in recent years.

What are your graduates' chances for a master's degree abroad?

The good education we provide and the success of our graduates who have gone to graduate school before, have resulted in our graduates being in demand in the best universities in the world, especially in the USA (Yale, Harvard, MIT, Princeton….) and almost every applicant being accepted to doctoral programs by receiving scholarships or assistantships. .
Among our graduates, there are also those who prefer Boğaziçi for their master's or doctorate degrees, and they can also work in distinguished universities and research institutions in Turkey and abroad.

In which areas is research carried out in the department?

Experimental condensed matter physics
Experimental high energy physics
theoretical nuclear physics
Theoretical high energy physics
Theoretical condensed matter physics
statistical physics
Gravitation theory
Atomic and molecular physics
mathematical physics

Can students participate in research?

In some subjects, undergraduate students may also contribute to research and even publish scientific articles.

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