Atatürk's April 21 Telegram

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Gentlemen, we will come across such events on a larger scale from now on. In the days when we tried to ensure the convening and opening of the Grand National Assembly, it was the waves of reaction and rebellion that started from places in the Bolu region such as Düzce, Hendek and Gerede and expanded to the extent that they approached Ankara over Nallıhan and Beypazarı.

While trying to stop these waves, on the one hand, I was thinking of ways not to leave the deputies who are meeting in Ankara and who do not know the general situation better, in the face of events that would terrify them, and to prevent the ominous possibilities such as the failure of the Assembly to convene when such situations arise.

That's why I was in a hurry to open the Parliament. Finally, content with the deputies who were able to come, we decided to open the Assembly on Friday, 23rd of April. Upon this decision, I find it appropriate to present to your information the text of the notification I made to the whole country on April 21, 1920, as a document showing how much we had to comply with the feelings and thoughts of that day.

Telegram: very urgent

Hurry letter to Ankara Ankara, 21.4.1920


To the Corps (14th Corps Deputy Commander), to the 61st Division Command,

To Mr. Refet, To All Governorates, To Independent Sanjaks, To Defend

To Law Center Committees, Municipalities

1 — By the grace of God, on Friday, the 23rd of April, after the Friday prayer, the Grand National Assembly will be opened in Ankara.

2 — By coinciding the opening day of the Grand National Assembly, which will carry out the most important and vital tasks such as the independence of the homeland, the salvation of the supreme Caliphate and the Sultanate, on Friday, the sanctity of that day will be benefited, and the Friday prayer will be performed in the Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque with all the deputies and the Qur'an will be recited. Fayz will also be taken from the lights of prayer and prayer. After the prayer, Sakal-ı Şerif (118) and Sanjak-i Şerif (119) will be taken and they will go to the meeting place of the Assembly.

Before entering the assembly, a prayer will be read and sacrifices will be made. In this ceremony, a special ceremonial order will be taken by the Army Corps Command, starting from the Mosque to the Parliament building, with military units.

3- In order to indicate the sanctity of the opening day, starting from this day, hatim will be downloaded and Bukhari Sharif (120) will be read in the center of the province, as will be arranged by His Excellency the Governor, and the place where the Assembly will convene on Friday after the prayer to bring good luck to the last parts of the Hatm-i-Sharif. will be completed ahead of time.

4 — From this day forward, Hatm-i-Sharifs will be downloaded and Bukhari-i-Sharifs will be read in the same way in every corner of our holy and wounded country, and sala will be given in the minarets before the adhan on Friday.

While commemorating the blessed names of our Lord, our Sultan, a prayer will be read for the salvation and happiness of the great beings of our Lord, his glorious country and all his subjects. Sermons will be given explaining the importance and sanctity of the National Struggle, which was undertaken for the sake of the nation, and that each member of the nation is obliged to fulfill the patriotic duties given by this Grand National Assembly, which consists of its own deputies.

Afterwards, prayers will be prayed for the salvation, safety and independence of our Caliph and Sultan, our religion and state, our homeland and nation. After this religious and patriotic ceremony and leaving the mosques, official congratulations will be made on the opening of the Parliament by coming to the government mansion in all parts of the Ottoman provinces.

Mevlid-i Şerif will be recited properly before the Friday prayer on all sides.

5 — Every means will be used in order for this notification to be published and delivered to all sides, and it will be delivered to the most remote villages, the smallest military units, and all the organizations and institutions of the country. In addition, it will be hung everywhere in large slabs and, where possible, printed and reproduced and distributed free of charge.

6 — It is requested from the Almighty God that he will achieve complete success.

On behalf of the Representative Committee, Mustafa Kemal

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