An Approach to the Great Unified Field Theory

An Approach to the Great Unified Field Theory
An example of simulated data modeled for the CMS particle detector on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. Here, following the collision of two protons, a Higgs boson is produced, which decays into two hadrons and two electron jets. The lines represent the possible paths of the particles produced by the proton-proton collision in the detector, while the energy accumulated by these particles is shown in blue.

As we know, there are four fundamental forces in nature. These are known as Gravitational Force, Weak Nuclear Interaction Force, Electromagnetic Force and Strong Nuclear Interaction Force. These are the forces that are mentioned a little in the 9th grade of high school education and explained a little more in the second semester of the 12th grade.  When describing the gravitational force, especially between any two things that have mass (we express in terms of huge masses) or energy. interactionwe say. When we say gigantic mass for the gravitational force, there is no harm in saying that it includes the Milky Way galaxy by moving the planets and stars a little further. Of the four forces, we say this is the weakest of the fundamental forces at the atomic molecular scales. For other forces, dear reader, I leave the details to you.

Fundamental Forces
Fundamental Forces

On 27 / 08 / 2021  again fizikhaber We talked about Maxwell Equations in the article I wrote on the page. Maxwell's equations are equations written for space and are expressed with 4 sets of equations. Maxwell discovered in the 19th century that electric and magnetic forces are the same thing, and that the electromagnetic force is carried by carrier particles in a field. In 1905, Einstein proposed his special theory of relativity.

For the elementary particle, the Photon, it is 3*10 regardless of what speed or direction the observer is moving.8 He suggested that it was moving at a speed of m/s. In this way, the speed of light C was defined. He said that all laws of physics are the same in the inertial reference system and the speed of light C is constant and this speed cannot be exceeded.

If we go back in history before the Great Unified Field Theory. Our search question about the four fundamental forces; It will be whether the four forces emanate from a single source. The aim of this article will be on the ability of these forces to combine with each other.

Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg from Harvard University with Abdüsselam from Imperial College London; “electroweak forcein 1979 for combining the electromagnetic force and the weak force to create the concept of ” They were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Unified Field Theory physicists working for the theory named after him; Especially physicists working on particle physics positive but hitherto unobserved electro nuclear force To define it, they aim to combine the weak nuclear interaction force and the strong nuclear interaction force as a single force. If this happens, the last piece of the puzzle, which is sought after and wondered by many of us, will be added and the whole piece will be seen on one page, and at this stage, the working mechanism of the whole universe will be explained in a theoretical framework.

In the interval from 1905 to 1979, Steven Winberg and Muhammed Abdüsselam argue that the carrier particles of the weak nuclear force, W and Z bosons, and photons, the carrier particles of the electromagnetic force, behave as the same particle at high energy levels. As a result of his studies, he discovered that photons and W, Z bosons behaved in harmony with each other at an energy level of 100 Gev (1 gev = 1 billion electronvolts), and by combining these two forces, the electro-weak force was defined.

Three scientists sharing the Nobel Prize in Physics, 1979

10 in theory15 It has been determined that the electro-weak force and the strong nuclear force begin to behave like the same force at the GEV (1 gev= 1 billion electronvolt) energy level (2). In theoretical mathematical calculations, it was discovered that the carrier particles of the electro-weak force and the gluons, which are the carrier particles of the strong nuclear force, behave similarly as was discovered in the historical process, and that they are the appearances of a single force that we perceive. Since we cannot reach this energy level with today's technology, it is impossible to prove the result we mentioned for now.

In physical science, Unified Field Theory is defined as a type of field theory that allows everything generally thought of as fundamental forces and elementary particles to be written in terms of a pair of physical and virtual fields. I don't see any problem in saying that this situation is based on quantum field theory or the standard model.

Many approaches are being considered for unified field theory, but according to the American Physics Soceity APS, string theory is the most promising one (3). This theory describes all elementary particles as strings vibrating to produce different modes of vibration and different particles. despite being I am one of those Physicists who do not accept String Theory.

When particle physicists take theoretical calculations further within the energy range,19 If we come to the GEV energy level, it is thought that the gravitational force will be included in the other forces and the gravitons, which are thought to be the carrier particles of the gravitational force, will start to behave the same as the carrier particles of the other combined force at this energy level. This range is Planck's constant 6.62*10.-34 They predict that it will reach the Planck level, which is the Js level and where the particles can no longer shorten, and the energy level of the universe stuck at this distance, that is, the universe at the time of the Big Bang, will be the same.

In physics, there are four fundamental interactions (also known as fundamental forces) observed that form the basis of all known interactions in nature: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear forces. Some speculative theories have proposed a fifth power to explain various anomalous observations that do not fit existing theories. The properties of this fifth force depend on the hypothesis being developed. Many assume roughly the gravitational force (that is, much weaker than electromagnetism or nuclear forces) a force that is anywhere from less than a millimeter in range to cosmological scales. Another suggestion is a new weak force mediated by W and Z bosons.

The search for a fifth force has increased in recent years due to two discoveries in cosmology that are not explained by current theories. It has been discovered that most of the mass of the universe is responsible for an unknown form of matter called dark matter. Most physicists believe that dark matter consists of new, undiscovered subatomic particles, but some believe it may be related to an unknown fundamental force. Second, it was recently discovered that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, which is attributed to a form of energy called dark energy. Some physicists think that a form of dark energy called essence could be a fifth force.

Dear reader, at this point, I have reached a conclusion that I have been thinking about since my student years, I did not say we are reaching, because this is my theory and I am explaining it to the whole scientific world and the reader from here. In the section called Unified Force, Unified Force, there was a fifth force during the Big Bang and this fifth force remained in the background during the Big Bang, 1st Gravitational Force-2. Weak Nuclear Interaction Force- 3. Strong Nuclear Interaction Force-4. With Electro Magnetic Force 5. GREAT UNIFIED FIELD THEORY as a result of the combination of forces is obtained.

Here is the Theory (5. GREAT UNIFIED FIELD THEORY as a result of the combination of forces) will be proved, all questions about the Formation Mechanism of the Universe will be answered.

Dear reader, stay tuned.



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