RouteQ Helps Logistics Companies Diversify Their Fleets

RouteQ Logistics
RouteQ Logistics

With the effect of increasing fuel costs, companies are looking for new solutions to diversify their fleets with alternative vehicles. Bicycle delivery is one of these new solutions. The good news is there's now cloud software that supports bike routes and makes it easier for companies to deliver in densely populated cities.

RouteQ – cloud software that automates the last mile – has released a new update that will particularly appeal to companies that use or plan to use bicycles to make deliveries. With the new update, the software can take bike path availability into account when creating delivery routes and allows logisticians to define limits for speed, cargo weight and maximum distance. This solution can be used for both conventional and electric bicycles.

Cost-effective and sustainable

The new route automation will allow companies to easily use fast transportation for efficient delivery within the city, reduce short-distance delivery costs and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Bike couriers are not affected by traffic jams or parking problems, making it easy to deliver on time.

The rise in fuel prices due to high inflation causes logistics companies to diversify their fleets. In addition, delivery by bike is attracting attention not only as a low-cost but also an environmentally friendly logistics solution.

Multimodal transport

Bicycles serve as a very effective last-mile vehicle, especially in cities with a high population density, such as Izmir. Couriers can speed up the delivery process considerably by undertaking the last kilometer of the delivery of the cargo they bring to the center of the area to be delivered by vehicles called “feeders” (usually trucks or vans). The RouteQ algorithm helps to establish such multimodal transport chains.

In the new update, the logistician planning the route simply needs to specify which mode of transport each courier uses. The vehicle directory already includes support for trucks, passenger cars and pedestrian delivery, which will now include bike support.

Safer on the road

While creating routes, the algorithm avoids stairs, underground and above-ground pedestrian crossings, while prioritizing bike paths, pedestrian paths and parks. However, if road use is required for delivery, it chooses low-traffic streets instead of busy highways. If the created route includes road use, the courier receives a warning in advance.

A bike-optimized route allows the courier to drive safely on the roads, avoid distractions and get to the customer more easily.

RouteQ Logistics Cloud Software
RouteQ Logistics Cloud Software

About RouteQ

RouteQ is a plug-and-play AI-powered software solution that lets you easily level up delivery operations. RouteQ allows you to earn more money and sustainably manage your fleet while increasing customer satisfaction. RouteQ's greatest value lies in its traffic data, which is used to accurately predict delivery arrivals while delivering 98% of deliveries on time and delivering 20% ​​more orders with the same size fleet.

RouteQ provides service to leading companies such as Istegelsin from Turkey and globally X5 Group, IKEA, Unilever, Coca-Cola HBC, Carlsberg Group, Pony Express, DPD.

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