About Technology 5G and the Pandemic

About Technology G and the Pandemic
About Technology G and the Pandemic

The term technology, which is used to revise the work of mankind in general, to make the existing workload simpler and to explain the techniques it has developed, has directly affected social life throughout the world. Technology; In addition to having a facilitating effect on human life, it contains parameters that will contribute to the emergence of civilizations, the development of civilizations over time and their disappearance over time. Technology has also revealed an accumulation built on the processes that have developed in the process of humanity's struggle with nature since the use of hunting tools in the Paleolithic Age.
As a result of the invention of the steam engine and its entry into human life at the end of the 18th century, the events that caused the change of many habits in the world paved the way for many inventions. Over time, the Industrial Revolution emerged, and many productions based on muscle power were integrated into mechanical systems. The use of coal in production and heating, the emergence of steam machines, the new developments in the production and processing of iron, the resource allocation in society has changed, and new political and economic systems have emerged in this way [1].

Although the telephone units, which were stated to be able to make video calls in the 1980s, were served to human beings through the news on television on the TRT1 screen, it was waited until 1999 for the possibility of video conversation. It has reached its peak with the 1997G technology introduced to the world in its state.

With the developments unfolding in Wuhan, the Digital Revolution has reached its peak and has become a critical indicator that directly determines the development levels of countries within the scope of 20G and Digital Revolution, preventing the industrial revolution that marked the 5th century. The Digital Revolution has revealed the competition between societies and countries, and technology wars have begun. Today, the United States (USA) and China are leading the digital revolution [2].
It is to make the parameters that reveal the relationship between the global epidemic (Pandemic) and technology that emerge after each new technology in the developing world understandable. What happened in the period from the Plague of the Middle Ages to the period when 2019G technology was first introduced and used in 5 is explained in the following sections of the article.

In the following part of the article, physics science, modern atomic theory and developments in the modern age are discussed and planning is made. At this stage, the relationship between Quantum Leap and 5G was examined as a hypothesis.
Quantum Leap: A concept that first emerged in 1913 when Danish physicist Niels Bohr explained that electrons continue to move in circular orbits only in regions called energy levels around the atomic nucleus. Electrons transition from one level to another by absorbing or emitting a packet of energy called a quantum. At this stage, the probability of finding the particles of interest at any level is valid. The point here is that the particle of interest can never be between two levels. In the transition between levels, the necessary definition for everyday speech and text is obtained and this is called “Quantum Leaps”. At this stage, the relationship between Pandemic and Quantum Leap is discussed as a method.
Plague, polluted air, radio waves, radar technology form the initial stage for epidemics. After each developing technology, epidemics have emerged in certain periods for human beings [3]. These outbreaks will be defined as Pandemic and Quantum Leap throughout the article and their relationship with 5G will be mentioned. And all explained by Quantum Leap.

It is known that the Plague, which caused the death of millions of people in the Middle Ages, the transfer of rats from the regions where they were found to other places with the merchant ships, and then the spread of the virus was accelerated. “The development of the event, the entry and spread of the Plague in Europe is that the plague epidemic emerged in China, and it is accepted that the Plague reached the Crimea in 1346 and Europe in 1347, following the Silk Road. The plague was carried to port cities by fleas living on rats traveling on ships. A Genoese galley that arrived in Sicily in October 1347 carried the disease to the Mediterranean. Another Genoese galley infected Venice in January 1348. Then, a Genoese ship docked in Pisa, spread the plague to the cities in the north. A Genoese ship that did not enter Italy entered the port of Marseille in France and infected the French with the plague. Later, the epidemic spread to Spain, Portugal and England.

The epidemic, which reached Germany and Scandinavian countries, was seen in Norway in 1349. The epidemic, which could not reach Iceland, affected Russia in 1351. According to the sources, the Mongolian army made a special effort to spread the plague epidemic [4]. According to this theory, the Mongols besieged the Genoese-controlled port city in the vicinity of Crimea and threw the bodies of those who died of the plague into the city with catapults. While escaping from the city, the Genoese ships carried the plague to Istanbul, Sicily Island and Europe. At the same time, it was believed that the epidemic in Europe was caused by the wrath of the gods or the influence of the stars [5]

The Paris Faculty of Medicine announced on March 20, 1745 that an epidemic broke out because the planets Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter were aligned. Many believed that polluted air caused the epidemic[6]. Meanwhile, the Quantum Leap has occurred.

In 1917, the World and Mankind met with Radio Waves for the first time. By 1918, Influenza or Spanish Flu emerged and caused the death of millions of people [7]. After the Radio Waves, the Quantum Leap occurred.
In the days of the Second World War, Mankind meets Radars [8]. Radars and then Quantum Leap occurred.
Satellite is sent to the Van Allen Belt region that protects the Earth and Hong Kong flu started in 1968 [9]. There were satellites and then the Quantum Leap.

In addition to our hypothesis; It uses “frequency in the range of 1 GHz to 2 GHz” on 3G, 4G, 1G and 5G networks. 5G, on the other hand, “uses much higher frequencies, from 20 GHz to 90 GHz”. While the “Spanish Flu” was the result of the first active and spreading of radio frequencies to the world and the first exposure of “Radar Signals” [10], [11].
The "Covid-19 Flu", on the other hand, was revealed by 5G technology working on very high frequency radio waves. The difference between the Spanish Flu followed by the Covid-19 pandemic is only due to the frequency difference. Likewise, lightning strikes create radio frequency. In the literature, this is called “microwave disease” [12]. Many people refer to this as electromagnetic hypersensitivity or electrosensitivity.


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