Renewable energy and agriculture awareness in Bahçeşehir Tek Schools

Students of Bahcesehir Tek Schools
Students of Bahcesehir Tek Schools

Bahçeşehir Tek Schools students grow 30 kinds of vegetables and fruits in the school garden. Adopting the education model intertwined with nature, Tek Schools also draws attention with its environmentally friendly practices. It is aimed to meet all the energy needs of the school with the solar energy panels on the roof of the school. With this feature, the school takes a first step in Istanbul.

Bahçeşehir Tek Schools' kindergarten, primary and secondary school students planted vegetable and fruit seedlings together with their teachers. The school, which applies an experience-based learning model intertwined with nature, aims to raise awareness about the ecosystem to its students. Students who enjoy learning by living with the seedlings they planted with their own hands, in the school gardens; He planted seedlings of different types of vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, onions, red peppers, cress, arugula, parsley, strawberries, apples, waterfalls, apricots, malts and oleasters. The seedlings will be collected by the students two months later.

On the other hand, Bahçeşehir Tek Schools, which provides education with the goal of "zero waste" and "clean energy", aims to raise awareness of renewable energy in its students. In this context, it is planned to meet all of the school's energy needs with solar energy panels to be installed on the roof of the school, which works on renewable energy production.

“We aim to raise awareness of agriculture among students”

Celal Serzan Timuçin, the Founder of Bahçeşehir Tek Schools, said that they broke new ground among the schools in Bahçeşehir and the European Side with the activity of growing vegetable and fruit varieties in the school garden. Timuçin, who stated that they attach importance to the education of students in touch with nature, said, “We have a boutique forest belonging to our school and our students can spend a pleasant time in nature with various activities in the forest area. Moreover, our students can also do their lessons in the garden. With our vegetable and fruit event, they will pick the fruits of the seedlings they planted in two months.” he said.

Celal Serzan Timuçin, emphasizing that they aim to raise awareness of agriculture in students, used the following statements; “Students learn by doing and experiencing. They will have the opportunity to taste the vegetables and fruits they produce. By keeping track of the plants they planted and planted, they will harvest crops. Thus, they will merge with nature and environmental awareness will be formed. They will have personally experienced how the vegetables and fruits they consume are grown.”

“Clean energy and zero waste have become our most important vision and mission”

Touching on the solar energy project to be completed in September 2022, Timuçin said, “We will install solar energy panels on the roof of the school to emphasize the importance of renewable energy. We aim to meet 100 percent of our energy with solar energy. Thus, we will be able to explain the importance of renewable energy for our country and the world to our students. In these years of increasing global warming, clean energy and zero waste have become our most important vision and mission.” stressed his words.

The kindergarten teacher, on the other hand, emphasized that the students take great pleasure in doing something with the soil and said, “There is soil at the core of the human being. Children miss the land in city life. By getting involved with the soil, students gain agricultural awareness. In addition, he learns by having fun.”

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