An Approach to the Great Unified Field Theory

An Approach to the Great Unified Field Theory

As we know, there are four fundamental forces in nature. These are known as Gravitational Force, Weak Nuclear Interaction Force, Electromagnetic Force and Strong Nuclear Interaction Force. It is mentioned a little bit especially in 9th grade of high school education. [more…]


What is a thermometer?

A thermometer is a device that measures temperature or temperature gradient (the degree of warmth or coldness of an object). Some of the principles of the thermometer were known to Greek philosophers two thousand years ago. As stated by Henry Carrington Bolton (1900) [more…]

What is Spectroscopy

What is Spectroscopy?

Spectroscopy is the study and measurement of spectra produced by matter that interacts with or emits electromagnetic radiation. Initially, spectroscopy was defined as the study of the interaction between radiation and matter as a function of wavelength. Now, spectroscopy, [more…]

Exceptional Performance with New Organic Transistor

Outstanding Performance with New Organic Transistor

It will be possible to construct multiple logic circuits using only a single transistor. The National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS) and Tokyo University of Science have succeeded in developing an organic anti-ambipolar transistor. By adjusting the input voltages to its double gates [more…]

Radiant Green Glowing Radioactive Uranium Mosque

Radiant Green Glowing Radioactive Uranium Glass

If you grew up in the '80s or '90s, you probably remember the glow-in-the-dark stars we glued to our ceilings as kids. It is different for all of us to look at the glowing green galaxy that consists of turning our bedroom light on for a few minutes and then turning it off. [more…]

Good News About Energy From Physicists

Good News About Energy From Physicists

Fusion is one of the most promising sources of future energy. It is formed by the fusion of two atomic nuclei, thus releasing a large amount of energy. In fact, we experience fusion every day: the heat of the sun, the heavier it is. [more…]

Ataturk and Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein's Answer to Atatürk

In the 1930s, Einstein, who was teaching at the University of Berlin, could not stand the Nazi pressure any longer and moved to Paris. Of course, other Jewish professors in Germany were also looking for a safe country where they could take refuge, as they were not safe. Request [more…]

quantum chip hybrid device

Nondestructive Testing in a Quantum System

There is an important aspect of quantum computing that you may not have considered before. These measurements, called 'quantum non-destructive or non-destructive measurements', refer to observing certain quantum states without destroying them in the process. [more…]

Elusive Superconducting Superhydride Synthesized

Superconducting Superhydride Synthesized

Ten years after it was theorized, scientists in China have synthesized a new type of superconductor, the superhydride CaH6. There are several ways that physicists hope could lead to practical, room-temperature superconductors. Among them, the most efficient [more…]