Minecraft Is Getting A New Byproduct

Minecraft Adds A New Byproduct

It is a pity that real-time strategy games no longer have many followers in today's gaming world. Of course, the games are still in development and there are a lot of great RTS games on the market, but this kind of [more…]

Epic Games Borderland

Borderlands 3 Free on Epic Games

The new free game of the Epic Games Store has finally been announced. Epic Games will offer four major games for free as part of the MEGA Sale 2022. Borderlands is the first production hit shooter-looter game available for free to players. [more…]


PUBG MOBILE, TESLA Collaboration

The famous automotive company, which makes electric vehicles popular, will come to the game with new content with the PUBG MOBILE 1.5 version, which will be presented in July. PUBG MOBILE, one of the most popular mobile games in the world, is the most advanced [more…]


Paramanya Continues to Distribute Awards

Paramanya, one of Turkey's most popular strategy games, is giving away prizes in May. Paramanya continues to distribute prizes while presenting beautiful events to its players with new updates that it has received in the summer. In the second of the May Update, a new [more…]