Tesla Electric Vehicles

Tesla Accused of False Advertising

A California State filed charges alleging Tesla misled customers about its driver assistance systems, US media reported on Friday. If the allegations are proven, it could prevent the company from selling its vehicles in the state. Loess [more…]

Suleyman Cetinsaya Yigit Sezgin

Accor in Mövenpick Living Project of Artaş Group

Accor, one of the world's leading accommodation groups, and Mövenpick Living Çamlıvadi with Artaş Group, the architect of Vadistanbul, one of the biggest projects in our country, operating in the fields of real estate, retail and tourism for 45 years with the premium segment Mövenpick brand. [more…]

ios translate camera

ios 16 Flip Camera Feature

In iOS 16, Apple will add a system-wide translation feature to the Camera app, allowing users to interpret signs, packaging, and other items in real time. Using the ios 16 Flip Camera Translate feature [more…]

Lithuania GettyImages

Why Lithuania?

Lithuania is a modern northern European country. Lithuania is a member of the European Union. Foreigners are welcome and English is widely spoken. Lithuania is a country with the fastest and cheapest internet connection in the European Union. [more…]

Mohair Goat

Angora Goat

The white long-haired goat species seen in the picture and also called “firik” in Anatolia is known as “Angora Goat” in the world. This animal, which is a type of hair goat, has a long, thin [more…]

TUA Assignment

Assignment to the Turkish Space Agency

A statement signed by Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım, President of the Turkish Space Agency, was shared. In the statement shared on the social media account of the Turkish Space Agency, "Ilyas Haliloğlu, who is in some media today, is the TUA Presidential Counselor. [more…]

Opening Business in Turkey

Opening a Business in Turkey

Everyone agrees that establishing a company abroad is not as easy as it is in Turkey. It is easier to open a business in Turkey than in other countries. The main reason for this is that you not only learn about your company's tax obligations, but also that [more…]

new chip hides wires

Chips That Hide Messages

Developing 5G wireless systems continue to contribute to our lives in a new spectrum, from autonomous robots to self-driving cars. Such systems have high bandwidth but low latency. [more…]

T129 Attack Helicopter

Success of TAI Company Our Pride

Structural parts of aircraft such as aircraft, helicopters, satellites and UAVs have begun to be produced at the TAI Composite Facility, which is Turkey's largest and the world's 4th largest composite facility, established in Kahramankazan, Ankara. We by TAI [more…]

Fatal Accident in Tesla Vehicle

Fatal Accident in Tesla Vehicle

We have made publications about Tesla vehicles many times before. We also have an article titled "Police Obsessed With Tesla Vehicles". With this article, our total number of articles has reached five. federal investigators [more…]

Toyota Didn't Make It Happen

TOYOTA Didn't Do It Right

Toyota, the world's best-selling automaker, came last in a Greenpeace ranking of car companies' carbon emissions efforts, according to a list released Thursday during the COP26 climate summit. best every year [more…]