Tesla Electric Vehicles

Tesla Accused of False Advertising

A California State filed charges alleging Tesla misled customers about its driver assistance systems, US media reported on Friday. If the allegations are proven, it could prevent the company from selling its vehicles in the state. Loess [more…]

Internet Explorer Says Goodbye

Internet Explorer Says Goodbye

Technology company Microsoft is pulling the plug on the oldest Internet Explorer after 25 years of service. Released in 1995, the search browser came as an add-on for Windows 95. Versions after this [more…]

Suleyman Cetinsaya Yigit Sezgin

Accor in Mövenpick Living Project of Artaş Group

Accor, one of the world's leading accommodation groups, and Mövenpick Living Çamlıvadi with Artaş Group, the architect of Vadistanbul, one of the biggest projects in our country, operating in the fields of real estate, retail and tourism for 45 years with the premium segment Mövenpick brand. [more…]

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook To Where

In 2003, 19-year-old Harvard computer scientist Mark Zuckerberg was laying the foundations for Facebook when he sought to build an online network aimed at connecting Harvard students from his dorm room. The following year, three rooms again from Harvard. [more…]

the first heat pump fo

The World's First Zero Emissions Heat Pump

Thermal Area Director José Gonzálvez from Universitat Politècnica stated that they have produced the world's first domestic Heat Pump without direct or indirect emissions. They use the same technology in relation to the new product they have produced. [more…]

Bell State

Big Step Towards Quantum Internet

The work done by scientists in understanding quantum mechanics is pushing technology towards a new era of discovery. Technologies that harness the power of nature's smallest scales have sensors that can detect elusive dark matter, and [more…]