BingX Introduces Version 3.3 Update with Comprehensive Trader Data Feature

BingX update EN
BingX update EN

Crypto social trading exchange BingX has released its latest release, Version 3.3, in which it has optimized its copy trading service to give even more power to its traders. is happy to present its update.

Crypto transactions have become much easier with new update features such as added data tables, risk assessment, popular and traditional stockbroker lists.

One of the most striking features of this version is the comprehensive stock market data supporting the most comprehensive data on all exchanges. This new update will include more comprehensive statistics allowing traders to deepen their trading and strategies.

New users can also use these added data points to assess whether a trader is meeting their investment needs from multiple perspectives. These include the trader's funds, profitability, risk assessment, preference for trade variety, frequency of trades, and rate of return.

Other notable features are the popular trader list, which includes the traders with the most followers. New traders can take a look at this list, which presents the most popular trader options. In return, they can use this list to identify the top quality traders after evaluation.

That's not all. Another list called the traditional traders list has been added. This list includes traders with the highest first net worth in their stock trading account or who follow traditional strategies rather than prioritize popular trading charts. Moreover, new traders new to crypto trading can see more of these types of transactions in a more intuitive way with this new list, as they want low or medium risk.

The new risk assessment screen has also been fixed for each trader. In addition to helping new users more intuitively detect risk level and decide whether or not to follow that trader based on their own risk appetite, traders can sharpen their strategies to avoid aggressive trading activity and volatility that could affect their assessments.

“We cannot overemphasize how important it is for our users to have access to a reliable platform that offers continuous incentives and ways for users to get the most out of their transactions. BingX is always looking for new and advanced ways to create user-centric experiences for its users. Going forward, users can expect frequent updates at all stages of their trading experience on BingX. ” – BingX Communications & PR Manager, Elvisco Carrington

BingX continues to innovate and will continue to offer features and products that will benefit cryptocurrency traders and enhance their trading experience.

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