Google Removes Location-Based Reminder Feature

Google Removes Reminder Feature
Google Removes Reminder Feature

Google is making a mess once again, this time deleting useful services from users for no apparent reason. According to the company's numerous channels, reminders for Google Assistant will soon become much less useful.

First of all, Google Assistant will no longer be able to set location-based reminders. You can tell the Google Assistant things like “Remind me to take the trash out when I get home” and your phone will ping you when you walk through the door because it would always track your location. It would have worked if you said something like “remind me to buy milk next time I come to Walmart”.

Google is sending messages to users informing them that the service is no longer available. According to a note on a Google support page: “The feature to set reminders for a specific domain will be discontinued soon. You can still create routines for a location and set reminders for a specific time.” Routines are routine and want to repeat after a predetermined amount of time, so suggesting them as substitutes is nonsense. These are not just warnings; they also need to enable smart home automation or alarm clocks.

Another reminder option that has been removed is a relatively new reminder option, possibly due to lack of use. Google said it will be possible to send reminders to other people in 2019. However, doing so proved to be quite difficult. You must either be a member of the Google “Family” ecosystem and have that person set up in family link, or that person must be someone with whom you share an Assistant device, such as a roommate.

It's unclear why the company removed such a valuable and simple tool. One reason might be that Google doesn't have a separate place for reminders. The reminders feature is available in Google Assistant,, Google Calendar, and Google Keep, making it one of the few features that works in Google services. This probably indicates a lot of turmoil in domestic politics.

Last year, 9to5Google discovered that Google was working on a "Memory" function for Google Assistant that would allow you to store Web clippings, reminders, and other items similar to how the Reminders tool works. However, the Memory revision was never released and now Google is deleting the capabilities from its ecosystem.

source: arstechnica





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